The CNC/CIE is the collective Canadian voice of people interested in the science and art of light and lighting. Membership is open to anyone interested in the any aspect of lighting including vision, photometry, colorimetry, photobiology and the  application of these to the use of light and lighting both indoors and out.


The 11th Biennial Joint Meeting of the CIE-USNC and CNC/CIE was held at the National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, October 3-4, 2017. Select presentations and posters from the Technical Session on October 3rd are now available. 

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the CNC/CIE was held in Montreal, at Axis Lighting, on November 8th. The Annual Report from that meetings is now available.

The new CNC/CIE Code of Procedure is now available. Members are encouraged to review it in order to understand our new structure.

10th Biennial Joint Meeting of the CNC/CIE and CIE-USNC: Toronto, Ontario, October 18th to 20th, 2015. Select presentations and posters from the Technical Session on October 19th are now available. For highlights of the meeting and the work of some of the presenters read these articles in University Affairs and the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

International Year of Light Activities: The CNC/CIE organized several special events to celebrate the International Year of Light (IYL) in 2015 and promote the science and art of light and lighting in Canada. Links to our special events and those of other Canadian organizations as well as many interesting Canadian articles on the IYL Blog can be found here.

CNC/CIE Annual Meeting Reports: Electronic copies of the minutes (now annual reports) for all CNC/CIE meetings, starting in 1957, are now available. Do you remember the first meeting you attended?

CIE Events

First new CIE Topical Conference: “CIE 2018 Smart Lighting” and associated tutorials on “Colour Vision and Healthful Lighting”. April 24-28, 2018,Taipei, Taiwan.

New CIE publications

CIE documents available without charge:

CIE TN 008:2017 Final Report: CIE Stakeholder Workshop for Temporal Light Modulation Standards for Lighting Systems


CIE TN 007:2017 Interim Recommendation for Practical Application of the CIE System for Mesopic Photometry in Outdoor Lighting


CIE TN 006:2016 Visual Aspects of Time-Modulated Lighting Systems – Definitions and Measurement Models


CIE TN 003:2015: Report on the First International Workshop on Circadian and Neurophysiological Photometry, 2013


The electronic version of CIE S 017/E: 2011: ILV: International Lighting Vocabulary


CIE Position Statement on CRI and Colour Quality Metrics

Summaries of the latest CIE standards and reports:





For a complete list of CIE publications visit the CIE website. To purchase CIE publications, go to the CIE Webshop.