Board of Administration of the Canadian National Committee of CIE

President J. Hovis Ontario
Vice President J. A. Veitch Ontario
Administrator A. Ghaemi Ontario
Treasurer S. Coyle Ontario
Canadian CIE Division Members
Division 1 J. Hovis Ontario
Division 2 J. C. Zwinkels Ontario
Division 3 J. A. Veitch Ontario
Division 4 C. Suvagau British Columbia
Division 6 S. Qutob Ontario
Division 8 T. Akhavan Quebec
CIE VP L. Whitehead British Columbia
DG MSS A. Steele Ontario
DG MSS delegate G. MacDonald Ontario
Members at large
  A. A. Gaertner Ontario
  A. Laperrière Quebec
  J. A. Love Alberta
  M. Mossman British Columbia
  Venkat Venkataramanan Ontario
To contact any CNC/CIE member, please contact the CNC/CIE Secretary.