About ISO/TC274 – Light and Lighting

The CNC/CIE hosts the Canadian mirror committee to ISO/TC 274 on behalf of the Standards Council of Canada (the official adhering member for Canada). The Chair of the mirror committee is the Vice-President of the CNC/CIE.

ISO/TC 274 Scope 

Standardization in the field of application of lighting in specific cases complementary to the work items of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and the coordination of drafts from the CIE, in accordance with the Council Resolution 19/1984 and Council Resolution 10/1989 concerning vision, photometry and colorimetry, involving natural and man-made radiation over the UV, the visible and the IR regions of the spectrum, and application subjects covering all usage of light, indoors and outdoors, energy performance, including environmental, non-visual biological and health effects.

Work Programme

The work of TC274 is carried out through Working Groups (WG). Currently, ISO TC274 has 5 WGs of which 4 are Joint Working Groups (JWG) with the CIE. In a Joint Working Group, the work is carried out  by committees made up of people from both organizations, and the approval process occurs in parallel in both ISO and CIE. 

ISO/TC 274 also has liaison representatives with other ISO committees whose work relates to light and lighting, and Canadians also contribute in that way to ensuring that there is harmonization and consistency to various lighting recommendations at the international level.

JWG 1 Energy Performance of Lighting in Buildings (CIE JTC 6)

Scope: To develop an ISO/CIE standard that specifies the calculation methodology for the evaluation of the amount of energy used by lighting systems in buildings. The standard - shall provide a numeric indicator for lighting energy requirements used for certification purposes; - can be used for existing buildings and of new or renovated buildings; - provides reference values as a basis for the targets for energy allocated for lighting usage, keeping in mind lighting design requirements; - provides a methodology for the calculation of instantaneous lighting energy use for the estimation of the total energy performance of the building.

Convenor: Soheil Moghtader
CIE-Convenor: Alexander Rosemann

Canadian Member: Toby Lau

Status: Final Draft of International Standard (ISO/CIE/FDIS 20086) developed by this JWG, has passed ISO/TC 274 and CIE ballot, in preparation for publication.

WG 2 Commissioning Process of Lighting Systems

Scope: To develop a technical specification that gives requirements on the commissioning process for lighting systems. The requirements include procedures, methods, and documentation requirements on each activity for project delivery from predesign through occupancy/operations. This technical specification presents details on the commissioning of lighting systems without focusing on technical characteristics of specific components. It can be applied to new installations of non-residential buildings and public spaces of multi-residence buildings. This technical specification does not cover the commissioning of lighting systems concerning the electrical power connection aspects which are deemed to be in compliance with relevant legislation and/or standard.

Convenor: Shuxiao Wang 
Co-Convenor:  Peter Thorns

Canadian Member: Toby Lau

Status: The ballot to activate a project  on commissioning of lighting systems as a work item under WG 2 has just been completed.

JWG 3: Maintenance Factor (CIE JTC 11)

Scope: To provide a standardized way of working for determining the maintenance factor for both indoor and outdoor installations using the methodology as described in CIE 154:2003 & CIE 97:2005. The deliverable will combine insights from IEC standards w.r.t. product performance of luminaires and light sources currently in the market with the existing determination methodology from CIE technical reports. Furthermore, it will reference the data in the CIE technical reports w.r.t. the impact of the environment on luminaires (accumulation of dirt on surfaces and luminaires).

Convenor: Adrie de Vries
CIE-Convenor: Nigel Parry

Canadian Member: none.

Status: The majority of experts voted for publication of ISO/CIE DTS 22012, Light and lighting -- Maintenance factor determination -- Way of working. The Convenor has addressed the comments arising from that ballot and the report is currently being prepared for publication.

JWG 4: Integrative Lighting (CIE JTC 14)

Scope: To undertake an analysis of published scientific studies and review experience from published application studies on non-visual effects of light on humans, with the aim to provide guidance for safe and beneficial use in lighting applications beyond illumination for vision. The material to be analysed is existing material plus the outcome from studies that will become available during the period of this JTC. In particular, the work of the CIE on light as an input for all known photoreceptors in the human eye is included. The outcome of this JTC shall not cover subjects where no proper scientific validation is available and will concentrate on “low hanging fruit” or only provide the status of the different aspects of this topic.

Convenor: Raphael Kirsch
CIE-Convenor: John O’Hagan

Canadian Member: Jennifer Veitch

Status: A work item “ was activated in March to produce a Technical Report ISO/TR 21783, Light and Lighting – Integrative Lighting – Non-visual effects”. A draft report was discussed at a meeting in Toronto in June 2018 and on a webex meeting in September 2018. This JWG will meet in May 2019 in Stockholm (at the plenary meeting of ISO/TC 274) and in June 2019 in Washington, D.C. (at the CIE 2019 Quadrennial Session).

JWG 5 Lighting of Indoor Workplaces (CIE JTC 15)

Scope: Revise ISO/CIE 8995-1 in response to systematic review.

Convenor: Peter Dehoff
CIE-Convenor Etsuko Mochizuki

Canadian Member: Jennifer Veitch

Status: A preliminary work item has been established to revise and redefine the scope for the revision of ISO/CIE 8995-1. The comments from the ballot on the systematic review, the CIE document from CIE TC 3-53 and other relevant documents such as EN 12464-1 may be taken into account. This JWG will meet in May 2019 in Stockholm (at the plenary meeting of ISO/TC 274) and in June 2019 in Washington, D.C. (at the CIE 2019 Quadrennial Session).

How to participate:

Canadians wishing to contribute directly to the work of the mirror committee are welcome to apply for membership here: https://www.scc.ca/en/standards/committees/iso-tc-274-light-and-lighting.. 

Members of the mirror committee are also Members of the CNC/CIE.